OPENING Friday, March 8th, 2024, eight to ten p.m. ON VIEW March 13th – April 17th, 2024


On November 11, 2023, Akwa Ibom hosted a live presentation of Kostas Murkudis’ Spring/Summer 2024 collection at its exhibition space and on Valtetsiou Street below. Following the presentation, the collection was stored at Akwa Ibom, where it was re-photographed by the exhibition curator, a filmmaker who modelled in the show, and two other artists. The show brings together these subsequent photographs along with documentation from the evening of the presentation and its accompanying soundtrack.

The exhibition includes images by Kostas Murkudis, Maya Tounta, Marietta Mavrokordatou, Lenard Giller, Marko Kribalis, Konstantinos Komninos, and George Tigkas, and a soundtrack by Dimitris Papadatos. It is a collaborative portrait of a collection that for a while inhabited a space. 

An affiliated exhibition has recently opened at Andreas Murkudis’ gallery space in Berlin, also showcasing photographs of the collection at Akwa Ibom, captured by fashion photographer Bennie Julian Gay.

The exhibition is supported by Outset Contemporary Art Fund Greece and the Carved to Flow Foundation.