AKWA IBOM, Valtetsiou 35
(1st floor), Athens, Greece, 106 81
Entrance on the pedestrian street through the black door to the right of cafe (Xartes)


Opening hours: Wednesdays four to eight p.m., Saturdays two to six p.m., and by appointment


For more information contact:


Maya Tounta


Otobong Nkanga, Maya Tounta


Julie Peeters (graphic)
Maxwell Simmer (digital)


AKWA IBOM is a non-profit exhibition space (est. 2019) conceived in the logic of a book, wanting to explore the extended lifespan of exhibitions by focusing on alternative methods of photographic documentation and mediation through text.

With regard to the challenges opacity and format place on translation, Akwa Ibom is interested in shows that bring together works from disparate disciplines, geographical and historical contexts to reveal shared sensibilities and forge new narratives.

Born out of an ongoing collaboration between Otobong Nkanga and Maya Tounta in link to Nkanga’s work Carved to Flow, Akwa Ibom is one of many endeavours partially supported by the work that Nkanga conceived as a self-sustaining support structure in 2017.

Akwa Ibom is named after the state where Nkanga’s patrimonial land is located in Southern Nigeria, which is also the basis for the Carved To Flow Foundation established by Nkanga in 2018. The name deliberately references the entanglement of geographies involved in the conception and formation of the space in central Athens.