Saturday, November 11th, 2023, seven to nine p.m.

KM S/S 2024

Kostas Murkudis, Jodie Barnes, Lenard Giller, Marietta Mavrokordatou, Maya Tounta, Dimitris Papadatos

K M S/S 2024 centers on the work of Berlin-based fashion designer Kostas Murkudis, born to Greek parents in Dresden, through a collaboration with artists Marietta Mavrokordatou and Lenard Giller, curator Maya Tounta, and stylist Jodie Barnes. The exhibition has evolved based on Murkudis’ longstanding friendships and past collaborations with Barnes and Giller and a more recent dialogue with Mavrokordatou and Tounta. His first collection since 2019, Kostas Murkudis Spring/Summer 2024 collection, which Murkudis produced for the occasion, will debut in Athens. Inspired, in part, by his Spring/Summer 1998 collection, it features fresh interpretations of earlier designs, such as Murkudis’ Polaroid dress, but it is more concerned with the present. The collection will be presented live as a performance during the exhibition opening on the 11th of November, under the creative direction and styling of Jodie Barnes with a music treatment by Dimitris Papadatos. The exhibition will also include new sculptures by Giller and photographic works by Mavrokordatou. Following the opening, and until the end of January, the collection will be on display, and visitors will be able to also access what will serve as the backstage area during the event. 

Kostas Murkudis Spring Summer 2024 will be presented live during the exhibition opening from seven to nine p.m. on Saturday, November 11th, 2023.

Kostas Murkudis Spring Summer
Styling: Jodie Barnes
Music Treatment: Dimitris Papadatos
Hair: Jose Quijano
Make-up: Vivian Katsari
Casting: Julia Lange, Evelina Evangelia Stoltidou
Production: Evelina Evangelia Stoltidou
Design Assistant: Sofie Kellner
Styling Assistant: Melina Serif Micheli
Production Assistant: Christos Oikonomou
Lights: Aphrodite Neri
Invitation Artwork: Marietta Mavrokordatou
Sponsors: Vasi Hotel, Falke
Photography: Bennie Julian Gay
Videography: Alex Brack

There will be an afterparty at Latraac Skate Cafe from 10 pm. Line up Chico Naral and Xtos.


After the live presentation and opening of K M S/S  a shared decision to delay the reopening and duration of the exhibition was made by all its members. This came as a result of a shared desire to consider the material generated by the presentation of the collection on November 11. During this hiatus, the exhibition will take a new form incorporating photographic documentation of the collection and show.



The exhibition is supported by Carved to Flow Foundation, Outset Greece, and Goethe-Institut Athen. With thanks to Zachos Varfis, Chico naral, Irini Georgiou, Aris Mochloulis, Marko Kribalis, Helena Papadopoulos, Ion Constas, AP, and Ilias Lefas.